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A Platform for Professional Development


From the desk of Stephen Gower, CSP

Toccoa, Georgia

This year, as I retire from my professional speaking career, I celebrate 50 years of  impacting lives through my speaking, books, articles, podcasts, and events.


I will continue to enjoy writing - especially contributing to The Leadership Dock. This will serve as a way to recapture 50 years of study on leadership, as well as my current thinking on the subject. 



The Leadership Dock

“The Leadership Dock--A Platform for Professional Development” is a quarterly publication that captures the essence of half a century of exploring the relationship between leadership and perception. This composite of material, along with my current thinking on the challenges of leadership, is enhanced by the insight of stellar guest contributors. Our five guest contributors are: Dr. Willie Jolley, Gene Griessman, Ph.D., Dan Thurman, Torie Mathis, and Matt Love.


Creating Great Leaders

Our vision is to service the journey of those who are seeking to claim and polish the leader within themselves. 




Leadership is not what it used to be.

Leadership is not management. Management is grounded in control, event, and imposition. Leadership is grounded in communication, process, and inspiration. There is a leader within each of us. Leadership is not an elitist club, it is an all embracing culture–an ocean, not a pool.



With a visit to The Leadership Dock, Leaders Learn:


  • Work/Life Balance is a dangerous myth

  • How to claim and polish the leader within you  

  • How to be a strong leader regardless of setbacks, failures or tough times.

  • How to use public speaking as a tool to be a powerful resource

  • What habits and routines you can develop to continually enhance your leadership skills

  • Execution is meat on the bones of intention​


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